October 15, 2008

The other day (Sunday) the air cooled and Tyler (our Pekingese) admonished me that he could wait no longer to explore "the back 40." In other words, the 2 acres that extend beyond the steep drop at the edge of our back yard. So, back pack loaded with everything we'd need for a whole day, and hiking boots dusted off, Tyler and I left for our adventure--which lasted all of 45 minutes. Much to the relief of my mother, and husband, I'm sure.

I discovered that my hiking days have changed, at least till the asthma improves. But in the meantime I did get to see what our property looks like from the back, looking up the hill at the house. And, I learned that the woods are full of dead trees, burrs that stuck in Tyler's fur, old brown bottles, and interesting moss and fungi.

Tyler had a blast. He zoomed from tree to tree, always coming back when I blue my whistle. When it was time to return, he led the way, remembering his p-trail and running back to make sure I was following properly. When we got to the top, he ran ahead to get Mark, then came back to join me and plopped down on his back, tummy in the air, to cool off. What a guy!

We wanted to find the creek, but alas, never did get that far. We know it's there though, because it shows up on the Athens map, as being on our property.

Anyway, it was all worth it to get this photo!


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