January 5, 2009

CraftyPod--worth listening to

Last Nov. I listened to a podcast put out by CraftyPod (http://www.craftypod.com/) "The podcast and blog all about making stuff." Have you heard of it? Have you listened to it?

If not, go there as soon as you finish this article. Click on the link above and bookmark it. Scroll down the page and click play to hear an interview. Or, go to iTunes and download CraftyPod's podcast to your computer or iPod.

First, there is the funky, happy music that welcomes you and provides little interludes between segments. The hostess, Sister Diane, interviews the most interesting people in crafting today. It's inspiring to hear their stories, especially the backgrounds of people who have "made craft their career" and those who have recently started new crafting businesses and are selling on Etsy.com and through other venues.

If you have thought about expanding your craft business. Or, if you just love crafting and want to hear what others are doing in the arts and craft community, tune into CraftyPod. It's one of my favorite programs going on today and, unlike some podcasts, it is well-produced, professionally done, and the guests are always worth listening to.

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