July 19, 2009

Living a Creative Life: Part One

Living a creative life means so many things, from the way we approach our means of earning a living, to the way we interact with our spouse and children, to the way we furnish and decorate our home. For some, especially here in the lush natural beauty of the Appalachian foothills, creativity means growing your own food, canning it, and sharing or selling it. For others, creativity is found in the way a business is conceived and built: like Google, Amazon, eBay, Apple, or a few close to my heart, Lucky Press, LLC and Snipi.com.

Creativity is a close friendship between one's heart and brain. Sometimes the results hit the mark. Sometimes they miss. Creativity needs to be nurtured, but failure needs to be accepted. Being comfortable with risk and drowning out the voices that would caution unusual choices, is an important part of creative success.

What percentage of hits in the MBA, baskets in the NBA, shots at the PGA, goal attempts at MLS are successful?

Today, approach one thing with an attitude of "What if?"

Dare to think outside the box. To hope. To imagine the most wonderful scenario.

Give yourself permission to try something new; even if no one else is interested. Even if it is something that scares you a bit to try. Just take that small first step and see where it leads. If you do, you may find it leads to a more creative approach to all the various aspects of your life. And that's what creativity really does. It helps us to live our best life.

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