May 3, 2010

When you have to review the contents of your art studio really really fast!

Rain! Rain! Rain! My little art/craft studio (this is where the creations on my blog originate) has a soaking wet carpet. (See photos of "before.")
While sitting in the living room all day long Sunday during a driving rain (the same system that flooded Nashville) thinking, I'm so glad we don't have to worry about water getting in the house because we have that big crawlspace....blah blah blah...

I then went to get some beads and thread and came smack dab into reality as my bare feet his totally soaked carpeting and the realization that, yes, I really should have cleaned up and organized my work space a week or so ago when I considered it, but decided to obsess about my up-coming garden instead! (Note: photos do not show recent creative-minds-are-rarely-tidy mess!)
Quickly, Mark and I began getting everything up off the floor, and my dear husband soon realized that "everything" means: the scrapbook and everything that goes with it that is waiting on me to enter Christmas info in!; Bryce's drawings; all manner of paper; bags of yarn; a wicker box of old books waiting to be "altered"; a little stool my sister painted; a plastic container of all my colored pencil abstracts; a few old teddy bears; artist trading card originals that had fallen behind a plastic drawer thing that doesn't roll anymore; old videos I like to watch but no one else does; blank canvases; half-blank canvases; Bryce's t-shirts he's decorated but can't fit into anymore so he's waiting for me to sew the art onto new t-shirts.... and on and on....

Everything is up off the floor now and as we only have two small rooms that are, yes Janice, located halfway underground... it's not such a big deal as I have a feeling it is for other families in Athens this morning. It is STILL raining and will rain tomorrow too, they say. The Hocking River is rising, at 15 ft and will reach just under flood stage of 20 ft.

Yikes, it just started really really raining. Our roof sounds like a tin roof, and it is not. The rain is bouncing off the skylight in our kitchen as if to say "There!" See what your pretty clouds can do!
And I hear on TV that Nashville is really facing some flooding. Grab the Wellingtons, Mother! And the chihauhua.

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