August 13, 2010

Refrigerator pickles!

Ah, those little seeds I planted in tiny pots in my garage in late April are paying off.... the first few cucumbers were ready to pick and pick them I did. Traipsing through the weeds, pathetic tomato plant, past the summer squash with their flamboyant flowers and the basil gone wild... About 2.5 lbs of cukes. Only one matched the photo on the seed packet. The others ranged from squat to bulbous to something resembling Madonna's 1980s bra. Still, once Mark sliced them up they all looked fine. We weren't being graded after all.

We used a recipe that was in the Columbus Dispatch a week or so ago and Mark took this photo last night.

This morning...voila!...pickles and a bran muffin for breakfast! Then, out to water for what is supposed to feel like the hottest day of the year. There, several pickling cucumbers hovered under leaves, wondering where their more stout littermates went to. Ah ha ha!

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