September 9, 2010

Me, posing as an artist -- literally!

Earlier this morning I upoaded some photos to Blogger as a "blog to be written" but voila! I pressed the "publish post" button, and here we are... photos and no story.

So, a few quick notes before I return to illustrating "The Great Top-Secret Kids Picture Book" (no, that is not the real title; I am, indeed, sworn to secrecy).

Anyway, first up is a photo of me with Mrs. Catharine Lotze, art teacher at Canfield High School (Canfield, Ohio, 1972).

A few months later, between my junior and senior years of high school, my parents allowed me to travel to West Virginia to take part in William Gerhold's watercolor workshop (for adults, I was by far the youngest person there). Here I am just prior to a really bad wasp sting (or horsefly, who knows) zooming up my pant leg. (1973)

A year later, my senior year of high school, I am standing reluctantly for my photo in the high school year book of Brookfield High School, in Brookfield, Ohio (1974).

And, lastly, here I am in a photo taken by Mark on our honeymoon, 2007. See, I am still painting!

Stay tuned while I look for "photo of freshman KSU art student with really big glasses!"

Update: 10/4/2010: Here is the photo. Engleman Hall, Kent State University, 1974--freshman year. The second floor of this, the oldest dormitory at KSU, was set up as an "art floor" -- and co-ed (very progressive at the time). The first floor house "The Center for Peaceful Change." The rooms were very small, I wonder if they still hold 2 students each!

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