March 2, 2011

Old Photos Found in Secondhand Stores

A visual post today... Here are a few old photographs that I have collected over the years. I do not know any of these wonderful people, but I think it is fun to imagine what they, and their lives, might have been like.


ausurfer said...

Yes, photos are amazing...the stories behind them. I once had a book that had reproductions of letters that were sent by soldiers to their parents during WWI & WWII. They were fascinating, at the same time very sad.

Janice Phelps Williams said...

That would be fascinating and sad. I lived in a house once where, in the shed we were about to tear down, we found a bundle of WWII-era letters. I think as a writer, it would be fun to work up short stories based on these photos. Thanks for visiting, Kim!

Melissa Kline said...

Very neat! I think these are fun for character writing exercises. :)

Glynis said...

I love old pictures. How lovely.

Lucky Press, LLC said...

Melissa, I think so too. I keep thinking about your affirmation jars. Maybe for the writing prompt ones there could, at times, be tiny photos. It is easy to print "contact sheets" of photos on one's computer. See what you've begun!

Glynis... I am so happy that you "get" just why these photos spoke to me. We have a store here in Athens, Ohio, called "Athens Underground" (it's in a basement on our main street). In it are tons of boxes of ephemera and old photos, as well as vintage clothes, jewelry, and purses. I may have to take some time on Saturday to stop in there now that I've been encouraged with these photos!

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