April 17, 2011

Spring Images from Athens, Ohio

Spring has brought sunshine and rain, open windows and open umbrellas, grass and muddy shoes. It has also brought a busy schedule; so for today, just a few photos from our home to yours.


ausurfer said...

Oh I so miss the changing of the seasons. It really doesn't do that in my area of Australia. About the only differences that I can tell right now, that we are in the autumn, is that the humidity that knocks us around so much in the summer has gone, and as a result the temperature is more bearable. But there's not the Fall as I so much remember as a part of life in WV. Enjoy your Spring Janice.

SisterBrendy said...

We sure didn't have much of a spring in southeastern Ohio, did we? Loved your photos and just browsed through some of your artwork. You have great talent. How do I know? Because looking at your artwork made me smile....

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