June 1, 2011

Daisy Mae, you were so very much loved...

My dear friend, Florence Clark, has shared with me that her beloved dog, Daisy, left earth in May. I wrote about Daisy on Appalachian Morning in 2009, you can see the article here. Since 2009, Flo has keep me posted on Daisy's wonderful antics and also her loving spirit as she has been such a support and help to Flo over the years. I've seen the photos, drawings, paintings, and sculptures Flo has done of Daisy and celebrated with her the transformation of the spirit of love into the visible form of works of art. And celebrated Daisy, who will be very much missed.
Here are some images and a poem from Flo.


I spend most of my time alone
alone..but not
WE are almost always

We know everything about
each other
WORDS are not necessary,
although I believe you understand

You and I understand
the meanings in:
The smallest
the softest sounds-
the daily routines-
of our other
that is the other half of

The one who
About me


Luna said...

Lovely poem! Sometimes I feel that losing a faithful pet leaves the deepest emptiness. Revel in the good memories.

Anonymous said...

I lost my dog may 5th,a year ago.Not a day goes by I don"t
think of him. If you have not heard of, or read the poem
"rainbow Bridge" you should do so. It was comforting to me.

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