July 13, 2011

Free Delivery on Cats?

This past weekend I spent some time going through file folders of writing from years ago, before I'd written or illustrated or designed a book, when I just had the dream of writing more, doing more, but I was not sure how to get there.

This snippet, which I hadn't read in twenty years, brings a bit of a smile to my face, and a disconcerting lump in my throat…my son is now 30. He has not, however, lost one bit of his tenacious hold on what he wants from life, though as a person with disabilities his life might look different to others, something they don't quite understand. In any case…

Free Kitten!

Our family loves animals but my personal pet limit was reached after a dog, a rabbit, two hamsters, two gerbils, and an aquarium. My eldest son, Bryce, was determined to get a cat despite my firm, exasperated, "No!," and was looking through the classified ads in the newspaper for a free kitten.

Finally, he accepted the fact that I would not take him to get a cat, and after our "discussion," I went to my bedroom to get dressed for work. I then heard my optimistic child talking to someone on the phone.

"I called you about the free cat," he said. "Do you deliver?"

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