March 17, 2012

The Beauty of the Earth: Trees!

A while ago I had written on this blog about trees ("A Poem as Lovely…") and asked for others to send their favorite tree photos for me to share, with their permission. How wonderful to see these tree-friends of friends, to view what caught their eye through camera's lens, to wonder at the beauty of it all!

Here are the photographs, as well as a list of my past blog posts on trees and links to some of my favorite tree websites.

This first set of photos is by Füsun Atalay who blogs at Open Salon and is also the author of Will of My Own

Spanning continents and countries, Will of my Own: A Memoir contains the author’s life story, her unique observations, heartfelt reflections, and her once unspoken thoughts concerning her family and relationships. It describes her relentless struggle to understand and connect major events in her life in her attempt to find a new will to live in the face of losing those she loved and letting go of those she believed would never hurt her as they have.   
“I believe however, that truth, no matter how painful some of it may be, needs to be acknowledged before it can be understood and owned,” Atalay reveals. “I hoped that by facing the truths I’ve been reluctant to face, I will be able to accept them, give them their voice and release some of the ghosts I have been living with.” 

Next up, we have Kim Austin, a photographer living in Queensland, Australia, whom I think should be hired immediately by the tourism council there to do nothing but photograph Queensland, enticing others to visit, know, love, and appreciate it as well. You can find Kim's photographs on Red Bubble at this LINK. I've purchased postcards and notecards from this link and they are really beautiful and the recipients have loved the photos. You can also friend Kim Austin on Facebook at this LINK.

Melissa Kline of Golden, Colorado, the author of the YA sci-fi novel My Beginning (paperbackKindle, and Nook -- Lucky Press, 2011), is not only a talented writer and a wonderful creator of miniature scenes based on her stories, but is a very good photographer as well, as these photos of trees reveal. You can find Melissa blogging at "Reflections on Writing" and on Facebook.

Debra Hosseini of Carpinteria, California, is the driving force behind The Art of Autism, an organization that promotes the creative efforts of individuals with autism, including the artwork of my son, Bryce Merlin. Debra's eye searches out the beauty in our world, whether it be a painting to be featured in her forthcoming book, The Heart of Autism: Shifting Perceptions.

Here are links to my additional posts on trees:
Autumn Leaves in Ohio

And here are links to other websites on trees that you might like:
One Tree at a Time (not trees) on Red Bubble.
38 Magical Forest Photos
27 Gorgeous Photos of Trees from This (2011) Fall
Photographer documents relationship between people and trees…
Native Tree Society
Giant Deciduous Trees: art by Charles Brindley
Google Search: Images of Paintings of Trees
Google Search: Drawings of Trees
Spirit of  Trees: Poetry
American Forests: Protecting and Restoring Forests for Life
Ancient Forests
Arbor Day Foundation
National Tree Trust
Alliance for Community Trees Planting Memories, One Tree at a Time


Füsun Atalay said...

You've put a lovely collection of trees,Janice. Thank you for such intense work and all the links. I'm honored to be among this select company. I shared this on FB and posted it on friends' pages. All the best with your future endeavours.

Janice said...

Dear Fusun:
Thank YOU for contributing your lovely tree photos, and for sharing. I hope we will always keep in touch.

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