July 4, 2008

Avian Art with Sharpie Markers

Left: A hawk-head parrot.

A few years ago, I discovered how much I loved drawing with Sharpie markers, and did a series of abstract drawings, which I hope to turn into large paintings one day.

At the same time, I was creating these abstract drawings, I thought it would be fun to draw some colorful parrots. I had painted parrots in watercolor, but I really like the ease of drawing with markers and the way I can layer color and create a texture of small colored lines.

Here are some birds I drew using the Sharpie markers.

Above: Two macaws.
Below: A pair of Eclectus parrots. The male is green, with tinges of red and royal blue, the female is red and blue.

Below: a small, yellow parrot

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