June 30, 2008

It's a colorful world!

Continuing on the subject of color... we are ready to move into our Appalachian Morning home...so ready. Choosing color was a big part of planning; planning for the years we will spend there and how we want each room to "feel." The color and form/lines create the mood. What sort of mood should each room have and how will those rooms integrate to create "home"?

Swatches have been studied. Decisions have been made.
Dining/living room: creme, deep red, deep gold, forest green, teal, navy. We are drawing from the colors in a Marc Chagall reproduction that we love. Then, in the adjacent family room, the same colors will carry, but with a more informal and also modern look.

The kitchen was a no-brainer as I love blue and yellow kitchens and Mark likes french country. The master bedroom, chocolate, pale blue, forest green... My office, I want a bright green wall for some reason. All four walls or just one.... Stay tuned!

I would love to hear what colors inspire you. What in your environment encourages creativity; makes you want to craft or paint or sew?

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Joan said...

The rich, dark, shiny colors are my current favorites. Won't dinner at the Williams' new home be an artistic infusion? Who will inspire whom? Mark, Janice, Marc: terrific artists, food concoctioneers, poets, whimsical producers--a whirlpool of colors, shapes, and aromas.

Simon votes for cerelian blue.

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