November 12, 2008

First Creative Workshop

This past Sunday, five of us met for the first ever Athens, Ohio Creative Workshop, held at ACEnet in Athens. Paulette Halliday, Art of Ohio (A Service Project of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks, aka ACEnet) arranged for use of the space, and we had lots of room and a sink! So, painting, gluing, glitter, and collage activities were all easy to do.

It was very energizing for me to be a part of the sharing of creative ideas and see the great results each of the women came up with. The focus was on ATCs (artist trading cards) and we explored various techniques as well as talked about ways to use ATCs for expression and networking.

I'm hoping to set up another workshop for December, perhaps focusing on gift tag ATCs. If you are interested, visit and add your name to the group list. There is no obligation and you'll receive automatic emails on future workshops and meetups.

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