November 15, 2008

House of Cards Box

At the recent workshop, there was some interest in a box I'd brought. This little box was made at a workshop I went to a few years ago... each square card was provided, 6 in all, and decorated with stamps, collage materials, and markers... then the 6 cards were joined together with string to make a box. The end result is like a dress that can be worn either side out, because, depending on how you fold it up, that determines which side of the cards is most visible. (Click on the images shown and you can pull them up enlarged.)

I scanned the flattened, joined cards, so you could see how they were decorated and arranged. When I do this again, I will think more about how to join the boxes together--the two strings were a bit flimsy for me.

My theme for this was "A wonderful life" and I tried to capture components of that on each side of the box, inside and out.

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