December 26, 2010

12-26-2010: Routes 22 and 33 in SW and SE Ohio

For over nine years now, I have driven from Lancaster to Washington Court House, Ohio, and back, and for the last two years the trip was extended from/to Athens. Having made this trip two or more times each month, in all seasons, I've come to love the trees along the way, as well as the changing landscapes, farms, and buildings.

This morning I made the trip again, to take my son Bryce back to his home. When I left him in Washington Court House, I soon encountered the first scene below and wanted to capture the curvy fingers of the finer branches on these trees, against the gray December sky. This began a pleasant two hours recording my favorite scenes on this road, travling east on Rt. 22 from Washington Court House to Wilmington to New Holland to Circleville to Lancaster . . . then turning southeast from Lancaster to Sugar Grove to Logan to Nelsonville, and then home to Athens on Rt. 33.

The coiled fencing in the photo above reminded me of an abstract or "outsider art" drawing.

I have passed this sign hundreds of times over the years, but today I thought it looked the best against the stark white landscape.

There are many barns and farms between Washington Court House and Circleville, a span of approximately 20-25 miles. Most of the barns are quite worn looking. In the summertime the fields are beautiful and lush and green abounds everywhere. But now, in winter, all the colors stand out against the white ground and sky, and I noticed the pale green on this trailer, as well as colors in other scenes; colors usually overpowered by the natural greenery of spring and summer.

These farmers are proud, hardworking people. At other times of year large farming vehicles make their way down Rt. 22, like mechanical dinosaurs on a mission.

As I approached this intersection in New Holland, the green of the traffic lights seemed very pretty to me.

Happy's was closed today, but I have stopped there in the summertime for ice cream!

This car makes an effective advertisement for a local business near Circleville, Ohio.

This windmill wishes someone would repair it.

As I was driving along, I saw coming toward me a vehicle with flashing lights followed by this big truck with a "for sale" sign on it. I pulled off to the side, rolled down my window (to the 12 degree, with wind chill, air), and poised my camera. The driver seemed pleased that I thought his vehicle photo-worthy.

These structures remind me of ladies in dresses. I do not know why. I would have liked to have gotten a photo of the whole line of these structures, which extends as far as the eye can see...but it will have to wait for another day.

At other times of year, these fields are beautiful gold.

I liked the blue of these tanks.

Circleville is also known for its annual Pumpkin Festival. Its nickname is "Roundtown."

I love old brick buildings.

The day began to take on a serendipitous feel, as this train approached just as I was there to take its photo as it passed in front of the grain storage area.

...and then I noticed that this woman was probably a lot colder than I was...

A few years ago, Circleville commissioned this mural, which I think was very well done.

After passing through Circleville, farms and pastures reappear and the entrance to this historic farm has a drive with facing trees that I think of as "the elders." The Elders have greeted me as I've driven past month-by-month from 2001 until today. I have many photos taken from the side, but this is the first time I've pulled into the driveway and looked at these trees head on. There are always new ways to look at old things.

Until today, I had never noticed the flag behind a gas station on Rt. 22, as well as the sign underneath it.

This business (Aunt Eek's Store) is rather well-known because a few years ago, for many years, the proprietor put white crosses on the land next to his store in honor of those who gave their lives in service in Iraq. Some folks did not like this display and vandalized it; the Columbus Dispatch did an article on it. When the field seemed full of white crosses, it wasn't too long and I noticed all the crosses were gone. I wondered why.

When I turned the car around to get a photo of Aunt Eek's Store, this herd of deer crossed the road. Just like with the train, it seemed so coincidental, as if the world around was answering my search for great things to "notice" with my camera.

Years ago, I had a close call on this same road with four deer which passed in front of my car just after sunset. This time, I was practically at a stop when they crossed by and as there were ten of them, I'm glad! My car is not very big and would not have fared well.

I love this pretty barn, and the sweet cow framed in the doorway.

...and there is a nativity scene in the hayloft!

Behind this fence are many, many "lite wreck" cars covered with snow.

Another mile, another farm!

Heading SE now on Rt. 33 south of Lancaster and toward Logan, the landscape begins to take on a different shape. No longer flat, the roads wind through the gentle hills and rock formations are easy to find. This one is about a fourth of a mile from the main highway. Since I was passing by, I decided to get a photo of it as well. I've only one other photo of this rock, and it was in the summertime. This road winds through Clear Creek Metro Park.

Here is the creek that runs through this park. I turned my car around at a fishing access parking spot.

And here I have taken a photo of the big rock coming at it from the other direction!

As I left Logan and headed to Nelsonville, the snow picked up.

In Nelsonville, you can ride the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway!

Nelsonville, Ohio, is home to the wonderful Rocky Boot company.
(Great wool socks here too!)

You can get Ping Pong balls 2/$1. They used to be 4/$1, I think. I have always thought this a very funny sign.
Well, it was another 17 miles south to Athens...but the road gets faster, hillier, and there is not a good place to pull off for photos... Soon I was home and starting a pot of chicken soup... It's about done now!
I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. Thank you for viewing my photos, taken in just a few hours' time. It's amazing what you might notice when you take the time to travel thoughtfully and pay attention to the journey.
I dedicate this post to my wonderful husband, Mark Van Aken Williams. He is not only one of the smartest, most talented writers I know, but he also is very adept at giving the perfect gift. He gave me my wonderful camera last year for Christmas and today I celebrated an entire year of taking pictures with it.
Janice Phelps Williams, Athens, Ohio
Photos taken with a Canon Rebel camera.


Jessica Bell said...

Thanks for the virtual journey! I especially love the photo of the coiled fencing and the windmill. I'm getting so excited about traveling out there next year! :o)

sbyrd said...

Janice, I enjoyed your photos so much. It is amazing how we notice things when the earth is snow covered... and when we simply take the time to looK! Jerry would appreciate the junk yard, only you and he could find the beauty in that.

Janice Phelps Williams said...

Thank you, Jessica and Sarah! I hope you will like today's post as well. I really appreciate your taking the time to read my blog...I know how busy we all are.

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