December 28, 2010

Psalm 121

My long-time friend, Katharine Pumphrey Knapp, recently posted a photo of the two of us in 1976 on Spring Break in Daytona Beach. At that time, Katharine and I often sang together and one song she accompanied my guitar and melody with her beautiful harmony was Psalm 121, which I had put to music in honor of my grandmother, Helen Greene, who passed away while I was in college.
The video below is the sound of my singing this Psalm in the early 1980s. The photos are just random scenery from Mark's and my home in Athens, because for some reason YouTube would not accept my video without graphic images in it...
I wish Katharine's voice was on here as well (she and her husband, Mike, just got a pro Karaoke machine, so I expect some tunes at some point coming from her!). I'm playing the guitar here too. The cassette tape held up pretty well for almost 20 years! Though, editor that I am, I wish I could "tweak" it just a bit!

Jessica Bell, who is a wonderful author with a forthcoming book from Lucky Press next year (the book is entitled "String Bridge" and LP is my publishing company) is also a lovely singer, a professional performer (unlike me!), and she has shared her music with me and her blog followers. She said she'd like to hear my voice, so Katharine, my "old" friend, and Jessica, my new friend, here it is!

PS: Mother, I finally figured out how to get those old songs on my computer!


Melissa Kline said...

Oh my goodness Janice, your voice is absolutely beautiful! This sounds like a professional recording. I love the photos in the video - they fit nicely. And I especially love the photo of you and Katharine in 1976. You're such a beautiful talented woman! :)

February Grace said...

Thank you so much for posting this- there is nothing you can't do! I wish I could play the guitar this well *wistful sigh*! Just beautiful.

What a precious picture, too. I must say you were cute back then but lady, you're gorgeous now!


Jessica Bell said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! Oh Janice, this was just BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so so so much for sharing. Can you believe I'm a little teary now? Your voice reminds me so much of Joni Mitchell. I know you're going to say that you're no where near as good as her. But blech, come'on. The essence is so there. That's why I'm teary! WOW! WOW! and more WOW! Virtual bear hug is now transporting through the air. Let me know when it reaches you! ;o) XOXO

ausurfer said...

Beautiful in so many ways....favourited on my youtube list. You have so many creative talents...I stand in awe.

Dina said...

Is there nothing creative you can't do? :) A beautiful voice, lovely guitar playing and we all know you're an artist with pen, paper, inks, and whatever else you get your hands on. I can't get over how very talented you are. And how very fearless you are at trying new things. I think that's what I admire most about you.

Janice Phelps Williams said...

Oh, thank you friends! Thank you so much. It felt really weird listening to this old tape after so many years; then deciding which song to share. Melissa, I did, indeed, record this in a studio, so the acoustics were pretty good. I traded singing for writing, but it was fun to go down Memory Lane! I have four other recordings of me singing original songs, I might post another one later next month. You've made me brave!

Joan said...

I remember when you recorded these...I'm so glad you kept them through the years...nice to hear again.

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