August 14, 2011

All There Is To See: Museum Photographs

Last night at dinner, Mark and I were discussing cities we would like to visit in the future. Mark has done extensive traveling throughout his life, I have not. We would like to take one real vacation each year (in addition to "staycations" which I also like), and I'm a planner, so…

Some on our brainstorming list: Edinburgh, Scotland; San Juan, Puerto Rico (again); Buenos Aires, Argentina (again for him, first time for me); Washington DC (again); Atlanta (again, Mark lived there for a while); San Francisco (neither of us have been to California, how can that be!); somewhere in Ireland; London (again for Mark), and also our regular trip each year to Philadelphia and a nod to NYC where we have visited separately and together in the past.

So, we were talking about the pros and cons of various places and how we would like to spend our time while away. I said I would like to visit the National Gallery of Art again as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires (they just had a 15 million dollar rennovation) and also the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.

I got to thinking about the museums I've visited and photos taken, and thought it would be fun to share them with you. (I always ask for permission, or a definition of the museum's rules, before taking photos.) I'm sorry I don't know the artist or date on some of these pieces, but perhaps you will enjoy seeing them anyway.

Above: Paul Klee

Above: Marc Chagall

Above: Balthus. French, 1908-2001. "Lelia Caetani, 1935" Oil on canvas

Above: Jean Dubuffet. French, 1901-1985 "Woman Grinding Coffee" 1945
(Plaster, oil and tar with sand on canvas)

Above: Charles Demuth (1883-1935)


Kim said...

WOW, there are some great photos there Janice. Of course, lots more opportunities to expand on that collection in the years to come. Maybe a visit down under might help satisfy your thirst for museums and galleries?

Janice Phelps Williams said...

Ah, Kim! So tempting…I fear the plane ride would do me in. But, I love seeing your photos, so keep taking them, okay?

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