August 4, 2011

Flowers, and the Memory of Flowers

When I see beautiful flowers adorning a neighbor's yard...or my yard as luck would have it…here is what I remember: kneeling down in the cool northeastern Ohio grass next to my "aunt" Wanda. She was really my cousin, hence the quotations, but I was about five and she was about 45 so to me she was my aunt. I can clearly remember one day, kneeling next to her, putting those bulbs in the ground. Then we went for a walk down the street with my favorite toy, a stuffed monkey I'd named Joe. Each of us holding one of Joe's plastic hands. I am sure there was lemonade and cookies involved at some point.
Below is a photo from 1970 (photographers of photo at left and below, unknown.) Aunt Wanda is sharing a blanket with me, with my parents on the right. When my children were born in 1981 and 1983, Aunt Wanda was there to be a part of their childhood memories as well. A registered nurse, Wanda once told me her dream job would have been to be an editor.

Here are some photos for you today. Some of these were taken in Mark's and my yard and some were taken at a friend's yard. I work out of a home office, so it is great to be able to take a short break, pick up the camera, and go outside and shoot when the light is just right.


Photographs copyright Janice Phelps Williams. All rights reserved,


Anonymous said...

You never fail to satisfy my reading and viewing needs, Janice. This is wonderful.

Dina said...

The dogwood is lovely and has special meaning for me. Growing up, perfectly framed in my bedroom window was a pink dogwood tree. I loved seeing the buds blossom and the whole tree exploded with color seemingly overnight. Then as an adult when searching for a house to buy, I knew the right one was the one I found with a (white) dogwood tree out front - and perfectly framed by the kitchen window. I could again enjoy the sight of a blooming tree. The white so lovely against the green leaves.

When my mother died, my stepfather allowed me to select the dogwood blossom for her marker. He wanted a rose but I argued for the less obvious and still symbolic dogwood.

Would you believe I spent 11 years in the greater DC area and never once visited for the Dogwood Festival?

Miss you, Janice!

Janice Phelps Williams said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I can just see young Dina in her bedroom looking at the beautiful tree. And then you found one at your home too! I'm glad you were able to use that image on your mom's marker.

I hope you will find much beauty in your new home as well!

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