September 22, 2011

The Art of Autism and a NYC Show!

"Fast Food" by Bryce Merlin

Self-Portrait by Bryce Merlin

We are excited as our family plans to meet in NYC at the SoHo Digital Arts Gallery for "The Art of Autism" show on October 27, 2011 (6-9 pm) and a special performance event and film showing on the 28th. My son, Bryce Merlin (age 30), has had four drawings accepted into the show, organized by Debra Hosseini, author of "Artism: The Art of Autism," SoHo Digital Arts Gallery, and Keri Bowers of Normal Films. Other wonderful artists will be there as well, from the U.S. and other countries such as Israel and Morocco.

Like everyone on the face of the earth, Bryce has experienced challenges. He has strengths and weaknesses, dreams, and ideas. He is himself and all that brings, surprising those he meets with his creativity, persistence, and approach. Bryce also faces obvious hurdles as he navigates through life in yellow glasses, yellow hearing aid, yellow shoes and a hand-painted T-shirt featuring Sponge Bob Squarepants. He is friendly, verbal, and colorful. (We are in discussion on what to wear while in New York. Since his only other visit there was on September 9 - 12, 2001, this 10-year anniversary visit is going to be extra special to our family.)

Here is more information on the gallery show/event and Outsider Art:

Artism: The Art of Autism
By Debra Hosseini

ARTISM: The Art of Autism
Opening Reception Thursday, October 27th, 2011 6pm – 9pm

138 Sullivan St., New York, NY 10012 
(212) 228-2810

About The Art of Autism and Debra Hosseini
Visit Debra's page on Facebook

Artism: The Art of Autism compiled by Debra Hosseini, edited by Rosa Martinez, Ph.D, with a foreword by Karen Simmons, CEO of Autism Today and Keri Bowers, film producer. This book features 54 artists on the autism spectrum and essays by Dr. Darold Treffert, Stephen Shore, and Colin Zimbleman on autism and art.

About the Special Performance Event on Oct. 28, 2011:
“The Art of Autism is a multi-city tour featuring performers on the autism spectrum - bands, dance, comedy, monologues, artists.”
Friday, October 28: 6-10 p.m. at The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art

About the Gallery: 
"SoHo Gallery for Digital Art is dedicated to re-establishing SoHo as an international center for the development of new artistic forms, concepts and ideas.” John Ordover, owner. Learn more here.

About Bryce Merlin: 
In 2005, Bryce received a grant from the Ohio Arts Council toward production of a book of his stories and artwork: Notes from Ohio. It is 64 pages and available on Amazon for $6, with all sales revenue going directly to Bryce.

To say that this book is inspiring is an understatement. I was moved to tears by Bryce's faith, passion and desire to give hope to others. The book is filled with a collage of captivating stories told directly from Bryce's big heart. You will find adventure, love and even laughter through his experiences. In addition to his essays, Bryce shares his artwork and photos of he and his family celebrating life. Notes from Ohio is a touching, heartfelt read that is guaranteed to lift anyone's spirits! Bryce is a beacon of hope for young people everywhere.”
~Melissa Kline, author of young adult fiction, My Beginning

About Outsider Art: 

"Mom" by Bryce Merlin

© 2011 by Janice Phelps Williams. All rights reserved.


Melissa Kline said...

Congratulations, Bryce! I am so proud of you! Hope to see lots and lots of photos of the show. :)

Janice Phelps Williams said...

I think Bryce's brother will be taking lots of photos. Bryce's clogs have been hand painted and glittered just for this event!

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