September 15, 2011


Years ago, before Blogger, Google, Facebook, Open Salon, and Twitter… before I owned a cell phone, an HD TV, a Kindle, a Nook, and a laptop… before I owned a COMPUTER… I had the idea for a cartoon series that would highlight unfamiliar words. I would call it "Dictioneerie."

I didn't need present-day technology to give me a short attention span… within a week I had gone onto other bright ideas (immersion in the book business was still a ways off). But, since I have a difficult time throwing away any piece of paper, a file folder has traveled with me from Florida to Columbus to Athens… and now, thanks to the remarkable miracle of scanners and the Internet, I present to you a few frames of Dictioneerie!


Jessica Bell said...

HAhaha! Love this! Reminds me of the rude dictionary my mother made when I was a kid. Was all hand written in a notebook though. Things like "Arsenic: A cut on the bum." :o) lolol

Matthew MacNish said...

Hah! These are hilarious.

Madeline Sharples said...

Love these, Janice. I think you should keep on with this concept -- of course in all your spare time. LOL

Dina said...

clomb? I got the word in context but it still sent me to the dictionary as I had never seen it before. Same with abecedarian...

Love the concept - funny! I agree, keep on with these in your *cough*cough* spare time!

Janice Phelps Williams said...

Jessica: You'd better tell your mom to hang onto that dictionary. That could be a real family treasure one day!

Thanks for stoppy by, Matthew!

Madeline, thank you. There are other things I am drawing now, but it was fun to pull these out of the file drawer.

Dina: If I've sent you to the dictionary then I've found a very obscure word indeed. Thank you for following my blog and commenting. Love to you and the furry ones.

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