June 7, 2008

Drawing Cats

My son, Jesse, turned 25 last month and as I was sitting in Ohio missing him (in Philadelphia) I took up my favorite pen and did some sketches. Mark and I like to watch TV most weeknights (mostly British mystery series, or comedies, or...this particular night I believe it was Dancing with the Stars) and it's easy to have pen and paper nearby and do some sketches. These two with the cat celebrate Jesse's cat, Tyrone. (He's all black, but I kept with the linear look.) The paper I used had a glossy finish; I'd bought it at a scrapbooking convention in Columbus (OH). I believe it's 4 x 6 inches.

I spend a lot of time drawing dogs, flowers, wildlife, parrots... but not so much cats. That might change now, as I really had fun with these. And....

Last week I was at the Cat Welfare Association Open House in Columbus, for a booksigning. Afterward, cats on the brain, "Wire in the Blood" on the tele, I drew this below. I'm finding out, just how cute cats are and how much people like them.

Then, Mark and I were on Court St. in Athens, and we went into the University Bookshop where they had a table with sale items.... Drawing Cats and Dogs, $6.99. Great deal. I got it. It wouldn't hurt to understand cat anatomy a bit better. No... we cannot get a cat; I am allergic to them. But they are fun to draw and I like imagining scenes with them...

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